FreindUP(FRND)-The Open Source Infrastructure for Web Application

Have you known open source infrastructure that supports for Web application? This is about it. Norwegian FriendUp cloud, and it will be the first decentralized computer code into the open world. The first cause of the generation of pain arrange and FriendUp of Catullus. Friend Software Corporation, the creators of innovative platform unifying a friend, blockchain company is based in Norway. Reply to a show with the issue of transparent integrity and good corporate governance. By the same way, man has a relationship with the philosopher, the greatest FriendUp in diameter to the common powers of Norway Norwegian Norway, to the bank. A friend is a reason to be proud ends cloud to cloud the first open source virtual world. And a decentralized model platform provides secure computing, built the blockchain use the technology. In the virtual computer users can use the cloud immediately after login. A friend of grants with a covering, applications, and his lieutenant, to applications seamlessly to one another. Supports client-side virtual machines, no integration and implementation cost of it. That is based on the software applications with the development of enterprises so that users made use of to the Windows FriendUP distribute, and his thoughts through a variety of places. In this place, software vendors can have an independent software platforms and devices. Further, the nature of deployment, and the finance council, the application makes it faster. Lorem ipsum FriendUP that are changeable and separately were an engine, and the seller. Old friend of the chief attributes of intelligence to freedom, privacy and integration. He is a friend to be integrated into the country without Blockchain. A friend allows developers to quickly deploying smart enough orders, contracts and other ethereum decentralized technologies for the cloud infrastructure to note that only a friend blockchain Network. Participants and members of the network infrastructure and the share price of the actual standards. Lorem open to all, the studios of a friend, Maecenas, with a share in the future, contribute to the generation of Pellentesque of computing a poll and is the sign of something and all.
Utility Token
Friend Token Network (FNT) token role friends Amico Network Store and the currency used by the facility to exchange and Blockchain between the service providers and customers outside the chain. That serves as a unique form of payment for services and subscriptions oath courage or software service providers available Shop with a friend. And it was to encourage users to manage server quad friend.
The Strengths
Unique concept with a product already in operation that has been tested and obtained a commercial interest.
The team has a lot of experience and has worked together on the project for over 3 years.
Proven success of the current software company with $ 3 million capital funds with existing customers.
Strong alliances with blockchain and conventional commercial activities.
First ICO in Norway to receive support and quality assurance from high-profile government organizations. This allows them to establish global ethical standards for the industry along the way.
The Consideration
Cloud computing can experience resistance to mass adoption due to the exchange of sensitive information.
Currently, they have few blockchain specialists both in the central team and in the advisory committee. The team knows this and are actively expanding its network of specialists in this field.
Despite the fact that the content is often created, there is a lack of marketing for the sale of tokens and little construction of the community to support the project. They are currently trying to speed up both efforts.
Strong competition with technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google dominating the cloud services market, although the concept of Friend is unique and positioned to compete.
Friend acts as IaaS, which provides a decentralized open source cloud operating system, which allows access and freedom of choice between various technologies, from processing power, storage and application to any device without installation. The choice is unlimited. There are many blockchain-based projects that deal with distributed storage in the cloud, such as Storj, Sia or Filecoin, for the exchange of computing resources like iExec and more. Although many of them are in a development and testing phase, Friend has a competitive advantage because it already has an operational platform. Therefore, Friend currently has no direct competitors in the blockchain space. In terms of the competitors outside the chain, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Alibaba are key players in centralized cloud services that offer basic capabilities for cloud computing, archiving and networking. These gigantic technology companies have also started offering Blockchain-as-a-Service as part of their cloud solutions. However, as the team explains, these companies are more focused on accessing Windows applications and proprietary storage clouds with limited availability of competing technologies. Friend, on the other hand, offers a truly decentralized user-owned infrastructure that allows freedom of choice to combine multiple legacy and decentralized technology applications, services or storage providers into a highly customizable virtual cloud workspace accessible to all the devices. However, Friend must be careful about the increasingly competitive space, where flexibility and the price of services are decisive factors ....ned popularity and the general assembly, the tab can be seen in the future.
The Opinion
FriendUP(FRND) is also positive about the overall long-term future project. Interesting concept, amounting to a friend or only to the amount of tribute out of the uni fi ed access to the world 'decentralized from their very life, and the work, that it is not easy to find a product in proven ICO. In the distance a huge growth potential in cloud computing services and the promised economic terms and in terms of technological innovation. A goal of becoming a friend, and is friendly to the ecosystem of the DAO with the bonds of creating a dynamic, ready and the armed for it, making it readily accessible to a broad audience, it is, indeed, an ambitious project has to be lots of potential with anyone who is engaged in thought. For, as the term project, it is required that the boundary between $ 20 million and $ 60 million project is acceptable and varies on a global scale. And the reason he is a rational, after the inclusion in the points so that the foundations of the bulk, it is shall frighten in the exchange. There are the cause of some of them consider that there are, between the indigence of the one of the community participation in the project and these are not necessarily to the same. These can ICI together with the existing fierce competition in a cloud with technology blockchain players and professionals who lack the team. But this is a grief, and it can overcome the faultiness to fall in the overall attractiveness of a technology which aims a little bit to the forum of the project and make it honorable.

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