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What is Quizando?
Quizando Live is where intense individuals, of all shapes and sizes, can answer their tests progressively by means of a video call. Individuals with a little, little or medium number of internet based life endorsers have the chance to rapidly, effortlessly and effectively acquire cash with their supporters. They never again need to watch the video for a considerable length of time and expectation the world will choose to watch them. They sort out a test, report their endorsers and procure cash quickly. Quizando Live takes care of its most serious issue all at once: how to transform your supporter into money. The cash raised at ICO will be utilized to repair and overhaul its stage and engineering framework to effortlessly oversee a great many players around the globe
Quizando tackled the issue
Quizando illuminates two altogether different however firmly related issues.
To start with, the immense universe of test devotees has never had a solitary stage to meet their craving to play perplexes and win cash. On account of our innovation, our fun amusements, our differed arrangements and our immense database, this issue has been settled.
Second, our experience takes care of a prickly issue that has even caused issues in the internet based life world for a considerable length of time – I have one of the accompanying attributes, however how might I get cash? Our progressive amusement Quizando Live will take care of this issue and make it an issue before.
Size of the business
Quizando’s potential market is worth billions of dollars. Billions
On Facebook alone, 200 million English-talking clients entered tests, tests or diversions among their interests. However, our test stage demonstrated that Quizando was crossing dialect hindrances when we had players from around the globe, a large number of whom did not communicate in English.
Furthermore, to ensure that dialect isn’t a hindrance, we have the French and Spanish adaptations of the stage.
Rivalry in the riddle business is exceptionally constrained at this stage, for the most part since this market is basically immaculate.
As of now, HQ Trivia is the main genuine player in the business and frequently pulls in up to 2 million players for their amusements. Be that as it may, they have restrictions in that they just make planned surveys and don’t permit to play “whenever”. As a general rule, it is really an advanced gaming program as opposed to a test stage. Similarly, their applications are restricted in their applications and, albeit cell phones assume a noteworthy job in the gaming market, they don’t speak to every one of them. Truth be told, our very own experience demonstrates that there is around 50/50 sharing among work areas and different gadgets. The HQ test diversions are free and the application, likewise don’t gain cash in the tightest feeling of the term. Quizando, then again,
Vital association
To guarantee the long haul achievement, development and productivity of Quizando, we have set up very much focused on vital associations that will propel our stage. .
This incorporates associations with the media, huge partnerships and instructive establishments. This will help draw in an ever increasing number of individuals to the site. The subsidiary organization has additionally been recognized by our advertising experts to guarantee that our development will be quick, dynamic and reasonable. We likewise invested months constructing an influencer arrange and anticipated propelling this stage. They are compelling individuals and a huge number of others like them who will persuade and advance the stage Quizando with an open fusing billions of individuals.
For what reason would we say we are executing ICO?
As of late, we have assembled, consummated and adjusted our cutting edge testing innovation. A huge number of analyzers guided our stage model, furnishing us with data, proposals and helping us change our amusement and our designing. We are presently prepared to open our establishment on the planet. What’s more, that is for what reason we’re going to ICO – make the assets we have to make our enormous model a worldwide reality.
Our item as of now exists – individuals are occupied with playing recreations on Quizando while you read. Furthermore, many others join each week. In any case, we realize that it must be greater, stunningly better, and possibly develop. Amid the test, our exploration was not ceased. We know the riddles that individuals get a kick out of the chance to play, we realize what sort of inquiries they need to reply, and we know the organization in which they need their riddles to be circulated.
What’s more, amid our concise history of movement, we have made an achievement idea – Quizando Live – that will bring not just a large number of new players to our current amusements, yet in addition Become an unrivaled stage in itself .
This face of our stage is novel, totally unique and it will change the lives of powerful individuals in all nations of the planet by giving them another approach to gain the following cash.
The sum prepared by ICO will be utilized to repair and overhaul our stage and framework design to effortlessly deal with the a large number of focused players. The QUIZ utility token will enable us to exploit the gaming stage and create income that will drive Silicon Valley to center around the issue.
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